Saturday, February 27, 2010

Pink Panther in the jungle

This is an assignment for my first year animation digital tools class at Sheridan. We animated the Pink Panther walk first with traditional animation (I posted this a wile ago you can probably see it a bit further down in my blog). After that we imported the still frames and BG (created on Photoshop) to Toom Boom Animate pro were we cleaned up the animation.

Hope you guys like it =D


Rosana Zeppelini Nascimento said...

This is SOOOOOO AWESOME!!! I simply LOVE IT!!!You captured completely her spirit and personality! PERFECT!!
Good job!
LOVE U!!! MISS U!!!!!

Anderson said...

Ficou mto bom o deslocamento do background e do foreground (se é que esse são os termos corretos!!)

Bom trabalho Cabeção!!!

Anderson said...

Agora que eu percebi!! Tem uns 4 layers de cenário!! Ficou muito boa a noção de profundidade!!

Massa demais!!

Nicole said...

I wish you could just loop it on your blog so we can see him walk over and over again!

Great job sweetie!

Erick said...

Agora sim deu pra ver o video fico show quando vc vai começar a fazer uns filiminhos de 5 min kkkk


allen mez said...

This is great work man. You really captured that classic walk. Put some jazz music with it.