Friday, February 5, 2010

Calm Down Little Bird!!!

I had to render a random image as an assignment for my layout class. The actual assignment was to learn how to properly handle the layers in an animation layout package. But the image turned out alright so I decided to post!
Have Fun!!


Nicole said...

VERY good sweetie! I think this is one of your most complex paintings by far. I love the eyes! SOOOOO freaky!

Love you!

Anderson said...

Boa cabeção,

Se tiver uma animação com esse desenho posta aqui!


PizawL said...

Super sweet. I love the precision on the bird, you combined the texture of the feathers with the intense emotions. I wouldn't mind a peek at a screen shot of your layer palette. (BTW, thanks for the eraser! It has come in mighty handy!)

Rosana Zeppelini Nascimento said...

Muito bom fiote! Abrindo caminho a passos largos para animação!!! Esse já está bem mias rico!!!