Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Stop Motion Assignment

Hey guys,
 I don't particularly like how I did in this assignment. But I think it was a valid attempt for someone that doesn't have a lot of experience with stop motion. Not being able to animate with key frames certainly makes a difference and needs some time to getting used to. This makes animating in stop motion harder in my opinion, but also gives it that organic feel that everybody loves about it.


André (Abu) said...

Wow... It has been a long time ...
Since you are going hardcore on arts and animation, a little suggestion (I would love to see this classic someday):

"Mailer Daemon vs. Install Shield Wizard"

Hope you are fine.
Awesome work, by the way...


Daniel Nascimento said...

Eita Abu,
Eu nem sei o que é isso hahahaha. Quanto tempo velho!!! valeu pelo comment!!

Espero que esteja tudo bem com vc ai no Brasil!