Tuesday, May 28, 2013

getting back in to it

Hey guys,

It's trying to slowly get back in to working. These are some quick doodles I made while watching tv with pen and markers... I always love how lose I can get when work a good amount of time with pen. Still a bit rusty but ill get right back in there!


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Line 01

This is my graduation project at Sheridan College for the animation BAA program. "Line 01" was done during my fourth and last year at Sheridan. I was mentored by Maury Whyte and made the film using photoshop for the back grounds, TVpaint for all the animation, and after effects and Premiere for editing. I hope you guys enjoy!
Sheridan was a load of fun, I met so many amazing people while I was there. I wish everyone good luck in their future endeavours and that we may meet again in the industry someday!
For all those watching, I hope you guys enjoy the film.


This is a short film I made while interning at Crush Inc. in Toronto Canada during the summer of 2012. Raphael Quirino and Chris Minos were my mentors during the 10 weeks it took me to create the film from start to finish. The back grounds were done in Photoshop, the Fox was animated in maya, where I also created the model and the rig. The last scene was animated on TVpaint traditionally. I had a wonderful time at crush and learned a lot! Thank you!!