Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sushi Man

It is June. I have done very little during the time I've had off school. This is a problem I was dealing with through the end of the last semester where I just couldn't get myself to work on art. I thought at first it could be the pressure of all the deadlines; that I just wanted to be free to work on whatever I wished. It turns out I'm still having a hard time. This brings up several questions regarding what I chose to do for a living: Animation. Why can't I just do it? I love doing it. I'm always happy when I get something done. And I always have fun and feel challenged (in a good way) while I'm animating. It is committing and beginning that is an issue to me.
I can say I am a bit worried about this. I have been trying to set myself some dates and schedules but I fear to say I am not as intimidating to myself as was the fear of disapproval from my teachers. Although I do not think doing things out of fear of approval is the way to go or be happy with your life, I do feel like I have got to start somewhere. Doing something is better than nothing, regardless what the reasons for doing it were.

I like sushi, don't you guys? There is something mystical about those quiet men and women behind the counter... So concentrated.


Rosana Zeppelini Nascimento said...

And angry, I suppose!!! rsrsrs This guy looks like a ninja!!! I guess I'll pay a little more attention on my next sushi time!
Love U !!!

Joyce said...

LOL! I hope this guy isn't preparing my sushi!

It's often not easy to be self-motivated, but best of luck with your work! :)

Animation Institute in India said...
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Nicole Grace McLean said...

You know my thoughts already! Just keep it up my love and you'll be fine :)

Anonymous said...

Meu irmao! Meu amor! Meu amigo para toda hora! Voce e uma pessoa privilegiada neste mundo maluco que vivemos hoje!
Voce nasceu com um dom maravilhoso de dar vida a riscos e tracos de lapis em uma folha de papel! O dom de transformar desenhos em magica! E isso meu irmao não tem preco!
Voce usa o seu dom para colocar fantasia na vida das pessoas e e disso que todos nos precisamos...precisamos SONHAR mais e voce transforma sonhos em animacoes!
Nunca mas nunca esqueca disso! E que sua familia mesmo longe torce pelo seu sucesso!

Daniel Nascimento said...

That means a lot to me Vicky, thank you. I love you all and miss you very much.