Thursday, February 25, 2010

Beast Head Rotation

This is the last assignment I did for my animation principles class. We had to choose an animation character and rotate his head and shoulders. The purpose of the assignment was to sync the characters lips to a prerecorded sound ("meow") and create a facial expression change after the model rotation.

I am not very happy with the rotation because I didn't put enough time into it, but I think the sync/expression change looks good!

Let me know what you think!



Rosana Zeppelini Nascimento said...

A rotação está um pouco rápida,mas o miau está fantástico!!! Muito bom mesmo!!! Ótimo trabalho!!!
LOVE U!!!!! MISS U!!!!!

PizawL said...

come to dinner!

Vicky said...

Daniiiii Parabens! Ta ficando cada vez melhor!!
Um artista nato!

Nicole said...

I love the transition from the rotation to the expression. It is the strongest part. Keep animating! It comes naturally to you my love!

Anderson said...

Ficou mto bom!!
É sua essa voz?!?!?!

Abraço cabeção!!!

Daniel Zeppelini said...

Thank you guys!
No carcaca, its provided by the school... there are to options, a male and a female voice. you need to choose one of the two.

Wesley Blondin said...

Good stuff man keep it up