Monday, July 19, 2010

Zoo Trip Again!

Hey guys,
Yes, I know... Again?
Well what can I say? Me and Nicole have been getting a good kick out of going to the zoo all the time. Every time we go it is loads of fun. We also feel like we are improving by the minute. Not only that we convinced a friend of ours, Paul, to buy a membership for the Toronto zoo as well!
Another wonderfull thing about being able to go as many times as you want to the zoo is that there is no sense of urgency anymore. We can just take our time and sketch with out that feeling of "got to sketch every animal in the zoo!" or "got to get as many drawings as we can" kind of thing. That makes us more comfortable to just sit and draw a specific animal for longer periods of time which, in my opinion, makes us learn way more about each specific animal.
I was felling adventurous this time around so I tried some fast water color sketching. Hope you guys like the results!


Monday, July 5, 2010

Long Weekend Zoo Trip

Nicole and I when to the zoo on this long weekend to practice some Sketching, we were both kind of out of shape so it was good to get the pencils out again! Here are some of the drawing I did during the day. Hope you guys enjoy! sorry I haven't been posting as much lately