Friday, September 21, 2012

more concepts

Posting some more exploration I've been doing for my film. These are some boards I did for a first pass on a story treatment. These characters still might change a lot so don't get to attached to any of them yet. 
Also, these boars are not consecutive in anyway, this is are just random boards I chose from a larger sequence of boards. 

I hope you guys enjoy it!



Nicole said...

Board number 2 = Katara moment!

Great work dear! These are great :D

Rosana Zeppelini said...

Just look at this little guy crying..... So cute!!! :)

Acauã Brochado said...

Hi Nicole!
Oi Rosana!
Que saudades!
Agora estou com internet aqui na roça... Volto a acompanhar meu amiguinho!
Aliás... você tá fazendo tudo isso no lápis mesmo? Ou é naquela tábua do computador?

Daniel Nascimento said...

Oi Acaua,
esse post foi tudo no computador... o poste de baixo eh tudo na mao com caneta