Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gouaching Again!

Yes! We have to gouache in the Animation Bachelor here at Sheridan. We are working on composition in the beginning of this semester. I had to come up with a Random composition and gouache it (the same composition) in four different paintings. Three gray scales and one monochromatic. I`m just posting the Monochromatic one because it is the most interesting one. Hope you guys like it. I`ll get better at gouaching as the years go by. It is hard! =[


Rosana Zeppelini Nascimento said...

Very interesting!!! Beautiful colouring!!! Keep on the good work Danny!!!

Daniel Zeppelini said...

Thank you mom!!! I really appreciate your comment!!!

beijos moms!!! =]

Anderson said...

É... aqui começa a parte onde eu não entendo mais nada!! Abstrato demais para mim! De qualquer forma, parece pacífico!!


Nicole said...

I like the coloured picture the best! Good choice!