Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Costume Figure Drawing Class

Some more life life drawings I did In class. I don't particularly think these are too strong but since I've been trying to be more constant in my figure drawing posts I thought it would also be interesting if we got to see some of the fluctuation I feel happens between different days. I think it is important to remember that regardless if we are in a bad art day or a good one we always need to keep practicing. In the end, when it comes to our profession, I does not matter if you are in bad day or good day you will still need to create something that is up to standard with what is expected from you. The ability to reduce the difference between good and bad days is what every artist that wants to make a living with their art should be looking for. This ability only comes with practice practice practice, especially on your bad days. Therefore, I fell that posting bad day drawings should make me proud because it means I kept going instead of just saying... I don't feel like doing this today. 

I'm sure this is relevant in other aspects of our lives. Maybe my post will help someone  =DD

Hope you guys enjoy the drawings and, as aways, thanks for taking your time to check out what I do and for the support!


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Rosana Zeppelini Nascimento said...

You are trully gifted, in EVERY WAYS!!! That's why everything you do will always look good and amazing!
The girl's face is just beautiful! (you should try a Vicky that way!! rsrsrsrsrs)