Sunday, October 10, 2010

Desert Dwelling

This is a watercolour painting I did for my painting class. I am starting to enjoy watercolour quite a lot. I hope I am also getting better at it. What I have posted here are some tonal and colour concepts, a step by step of how I went about painting the picture and the final result.
Hope you guys like it!


Nicole Grace McLean said...

Way to go sweetie!!!!

I like your tonals the best. Your final is looking pretty awesome as well!

I think you are starting to get the hang of watercolour... but next time... let's see some more COLOUR! :)

I know it is scary sometimes but I really think you can try some fun colour palettes and experiment a bit.

Great job! Keep it up!

Rosana Zeppelini Nascimento said...
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Rosana Zeppelini Nascimento said...

Eu acho que vc está demonstrando uma capacidade de adaptação incrível!!! Watercolour was a challenge long gone!!! You're getting VERY good at it! Keep on your tracks!

Nicole Grace McLean said...

I want to see more!

Keep drawing sweetie! I love your artwork :)

(I love you too!)

PizawL said...

Awesome! I love the curvature on the rocks, it flows seamlessly with the perspective. And I would definitely say your watercolor skills are top-notch!