Thursday, October 22, 2009

Feet and Hand Studies

We had to do hands and feet drawings for our figure drawing class. I decided to try and do them in conttte although most people decided to go for pencil drawings. The reason is I still feel like I cant control the contte the way I want and i`m trying to improve that. So, it turned out kind of messy but still worth taking a look at I hope!


Rosana Zeppelini Nascimento said...

Oh my!!! You're getting better and better!!!
But there's still a long way to perfection!! And you'll get there, I can garanty it!!

Anderson said...

Fala Cabeção!!

Um dos melhores trabalhos desse blog!! Ficaram muito bons!!


Nicole said...

Great job Dan! All of your hard work will come in "handy" one day, I am sure!!!! haha!

You could also say your portfolio is more than 12 feet long!!!! HAHAHA!

Love you lots!

WolfCoast said...

Hey Daniel, it's Mark. Great work you've been doing here! Can see that you are advancing nicely. Anywho, thought I'd give a shout. ;-)


ERICK said...

Agora tem q desenhar a minha mão em e com a cicatriz =x

kkkk abraço tudo d bom