Friday, February 6, 2009

Life drawing charcoal exercise

A light exercise in our life drawing class. i didn`t get a very good mark on this one. But i had a good time doing it. Its done with Vine Charcoal and black and white contte. Hope you guys enjoy it.


Rosana Zeppelini Nascimento said...

Didn't get a very good mark??? Mas eu acho que este está ainda melhor que o outro!!!!! Seu prof. não sabe de nada!!! hehehehehe
Bjusssssssssss Fiote

michelli said...

eu concordo com a sua mae! esse ta melhor q o outro e ta muito bom!!!
seu trabalho ta cada dia melhor! todo seu tempo gasto nos seus desenhos estao rendendo otimos resultados! parabens lindo!

Nic Mc said...

That is one AMAZING big toe! hahaha! Seriously, it is my favourite part of the pic.

Check out my blog Dan!!! I actually MADE one! Now I can comment as well on yours! So you don't feel forgotten by your friends!

If you do anything REALLY over the top FABULOUS, I might even 'favourite' some of your stuff ;) haha!

Adam Temple said...

That's looking better! Good job!

Daniel Zeppelini said...