Monday, July 4, 2011

Still life

This is another fast photoshop painting. I was trying to practice still life painting in. It took me about 45 min or so to finish. The main point of this was to focus on learning a bit more about colour use and increase my photoshop painting abilities.


Nicole Grace McLean said...

You painted the plant in a much better condition than it actually is. Maybe the extra attention will bring it some healthiness!

This looks great Dan. It is very loose and you didn't work with any lines. I know that is a challenge for you so way to go!

Priscila Limonta said...

Nossa Dani! Que da hora seus desenhos! Sempre entro aqui no seu blog quando preciso de inspiração.
Tenho desenhado muito e estudado muito anatomia, como você me orientou. Vou tentar esses desenhos no photoshop também! =]